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Supernatural characters who deserve better #1 (in no particular order)

[a series about SPN characters whom I feel were underutilized or treated wrongly in some way]


Appearances: 1 episode - 5x19 Hammer of the Gods (an episode that takes inspiration from American Gods)

Description: Kali is one of the most prominent goddesses of hinduism, associated with empowerment, death, time, and change. Some interpretations depict her as darkly violent, others treat her as a benevolent mother figure.

In Supernatural, Kali is depicted as a rather complicated and strong character that shares traits of both those things while still being different on her own. She commands everyone around her naturally while showing moments of vulnerability, aged with wisdom and cynicism over the course of countless years as a god.

Kali helps call together a meeting of various pagan gods to discuss a plan to avert the Judeo-Christian apocalypse, using Sam and Dean, the vessels of Michael and Lucifer, as bargaining chips. In the episode she is also described as currently in a relationship with Baldur, a god from Norse mythology, having ended her previous, emotionally complicated relationship with the archangel Gabriel some time ago, whom at the time was calling himself Loki. Gabriel attempts to woo her, but Kali finds out who Gabriel really is, and attempts to kill him, apologizing for doing so, not knowing that he was using an illusion trick. Later, Kali’s plan to avert the apocalypse fails completely, and despite her attempts to stand up against Lucifer, Gabriel comes to the rescue of both her and the Winchesters. She leaves with the Winchesters, abandoning Gabriel there to die without a goodbye, the last words they shared involving her saying sorry for having to kill him. There was no scene afterwards involving her, and there was no followup as to how she reacted to and dealt with Gabriel’s real death or what she planned to do next. Kali got a very short, but quite fascinating appearance on the show, and Rekha Sharma did a great job portraying her.

"Westerners, I swear, the sheer arrogance— you think you’re the only ones on earth? You pillage and you butcher in your god’s name, but you’re not the only religion, and he’s not the only god. And now you think you can just rip the planet apart? You’re wrong. There are billions of us, and we were here first. If anyone gets to end this world… it’s me."

What was Kali’s life like during all her years as a god? How did the events described in hinduism really happen? What was her relationship with Gabriel like, and how did it begin, develop and end? What did she do once she ran away with Sam and Dean? What did she do after the apocalypse was averted, when free will had been established for everyone to take? What’s she doing now? Fan fiction has tackled some of these ideas, but canon has ultimately ignored Kali outside of her plot functionality in this episode.

Fan fiction works (of which there are not many): We Sat Down and WeptElysian Fields, First Kill, Drabbles, Kali Puja, DaksinakaliOlive Juice, Lovers Dance, What a Lovely Way to Burn, Redemption Road (personal favorite — appearances in episodes 11, 19, and 24)

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